Vehicle Repairs

If you have been involved in an accident you are entitled to have your vehicle repaired or receive the full value of your vehicle if it’s deemed a total loss. We recover the payment and the costs incurred from the “at fault” party’s insurance company.

– Any Vehicle
– Any Damage
– Any Repairs

Black & White Accident Management can deal with it all.

After an independent inspection by our VDA and Audatex qualified vehicle assessors; a vehicle Engineers Report will be prepared which will outline all the damages caused to your vehicle from the accident. That will enable us to know, if the vehicle is repairable or a total loss.

If the vehicle is a total loss:

Write-off / Total Loss (PAV)
If your vehicle is deemed to be beyond economical repair and it costs more to repair than the value of your car it will be classed as a “total loss”. This means that the insurance company will be liable to pay for the Pre-Accident Value (PAV) of your vehicle which will allow you to purchase another vehicle. You will also have the option of retaining your damaged vehicle with a small salvage amount if you wish to still repair it. In most cases, you may have to do a VIC check after the vehicle has been repaired before it can be driven on the road. For more information please speak to one of our advisors or visit If you do not wish to keep your vehicle we can arrange your vehicle to be scrapped by one of our approved salvage breakers.

If the vehicle is repairable

Cash in Lieu (CIL)
If your vehicle is repairable you have the option of retaining the full sum of the repair amount and choose your own repairer to repair the vehicle. When you request a CIL payment you would have to return our replacement vehicle back to us within 7 days of receiving the cheque, furthermore if liability is in dispute and the insurance company is not raising payment you have a duty to mitigate your losses, you can utilise your own fully comprehensive insurance, to repair your vehicle or take advantage of our credit repair service. Please read below for further information.

Credit Repair

This is the most convenient way to go through a vehicle repair process. If you do not want to involve your own insurers (which may have an effect on your premium on renewal) let us credit repair the vehicle in one of our insurance approved body shops. We will place your vehicle into repairs immediately and have you back on the road in no time. This will not have an impact on your premiums and we will recover the repair cost directly from the third party’s insurance company.

Some of the benefits and advantages of using our approved repairer’s:

Guaranteed Work

Our repairs will be fully professional with brand new dealer parts and a full 3 years paint protection guarantee, this means that your vehicle will be returned back to you the way it was prior to the unfortunate accident. Furthermore, we will give you a copy of an insurance approved certificate and a full repair invoice detailing the breakdown of all the works carried out to your vehicle, for your peace of mind.

Replacement Vehicle

Whilst your vehicle is in repairs, providing we haven’t already given you one of our vehicles, we will offer you a replacement vehicle for the duration of the time your vehicle is in repairs with one of our insurance approved garages. On completion of the repairs and your vehicle returned to you we will then look to collect our vehicle. This will give you absolute peace of mind and guaranteed professional repair throughout.

Additional Safety & Quality Checks

We will do a full health check on your vehicle before it’s returned to you, this is to ensure there are no hidden problems which may have been missed previously.
This will not only give you peace of mind but will also ensure that your vehicle is faultless and safe to be back on road.

Additional Repairs, Service & Aftercare

In the event of your vehicle needing additional repairs or a full service which is not part of the ongoing or settled claim, we will offer a reduced rate on the additional repairs or service, with up to 50% discount. We also provide a free aftercare service to all our customer, so if you have any other issues or you just simply need advice, our team at Black & White Accident Management, who are well trained, will be more than happy to help.
This is part of our ongoing aftercare service to our valued customers.

What happens next?

Once your vehicle has been repaired and returned to you – we will then collect our replacement vehicle on a day that is convenient for you. We will then be looking at settling other aspects of the claim if there are any i.e. personal injury, loss of earnings, travel expenditure etc. For more information please visit our Personal Injury or Other Losses page.

If you would like further free legal help and advice please do not hesitate to contact us on 0845 568 4444.