How to make a complaint?

Our Commitment to you
We take great pride in our friendly approach to claims management services and (take of and) meeting the needs of our customers. In order to ensure that we continually meet the highest levels of service, we are committed to listening to your feedback and resolving any issues you may have, wherever we can. If you are not satisfied with our service, we would like you to tell us your concerns. You can contact us by any of the following:

Our Head office:
Visit us at our head office to speak to one of the Team Managers.

By Phone:
Call our main office number on 02081271712 and ask for the Manager.

By E-Mail:
Email us at

Write to us:
Black & White Accident Management
87-89 Burdett Road, London, E3 4JN

What Happens Next?
1. If you contact us with a complaint or a concern we will send a written or electronic acknowledgement within 5 days providing the name and position of the person dealing/investigating the matter.

2. We will try to resolve your concerns as soon as we can and let you know what we are going to do to reach a satisfactory conclusion. Where we cannot resolve matters immediately, we will carry out an investigation and this will be detailed in a response letter to you. This letter is called the “Final Response” and will be provided by 8 weeks.

3. The Final Response should be sent to you within 8 weeks from the receipt of your complaint. If, we are not able to issue a response by this time, we will send you an update and let you know how you can refer your complaint to The Legal Ombudsman should you wish to do so. However, in the meantime, we will continue with our investigation and issue the Final Response as soon as possible. If there are any delays and we need further time we will always update you to let you know.

4. If you are still not happy with the outcome we will send you a final correspondence with the contact details of The Legal Ombudsman.

Escalating the Complaint
If at any stage during our investigation you would (take off would) like to escalate the complaint further, please let us know. You can make a complaint with our regulators by writing to them:

Our registration number is CRM29330.

The Legal Ombudsman
PO Box 6806